“Thank you, Bob Asahina, for your work on organizing, editing, and researching for this book. Your passion for this project was so obvious and made me know I was on the right track from our very first meeting. Thank you, also, for stimulating me to dig deep, both professionally and personally, for the content within its pages. You made this book better every time you touched it. You are the consummate professional and so much fun to work with!”

— Dr. Phil McGraw, acknowledgment in Life Code

“People who also read all or parts of the text include … Bob Asahina [who] especially understands this story, having studied the Forgotten Man in his own time in his illuminating book, Just Americans. Just Americans shows how both Hoover’s refugee centers and the New Deal tradition of resettlement made it easier for the nation to stumble into the tragic error of interning Japanese Americans.”

— Amity Shlaes, acknowledgment in The Forgotten Man

“Robert Asahina, a gifted editor, reviewed early drafts and helped me greatly with organization of the manuscript.”

— Karen Elliott House, acknowledgment in On Saudi Arabia

“I owe a particular debt of gratitude to Bob Asahina, my collaborator on this book. Bob was involved from the very beginning, and I can state authoritatively that a major reason why any publishers were interested in a neophyte, noncelebrity author like me was that Bob’s name was attached to the project. Bob has a sterling reputation and track record in the publishing industry, both as a collaborator and editor.”

— John Rizzo, acknowledgement in Company Man